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Online Fulfillment Program

Hunter World Travel supported a client through the beta-test of one of the first corporate online travel solutions to hit the market place back in 1998. We still manage the online travel fulfillment for the account, and the corporate online travel solution is now widely regarding as the leading tool in the market place today. For the past 15 years we have perfected our craft in Concur travel fulfillment. Our investment in this process has paid dividends to the clients which we support.

We've designed our online travel fulfillment program to make the business travel experience better.

Travel content is delivered based on defined corporate policies and individual traveler preferences. Not only do employees find it easier to book travel, but it's all within policy. This means your travelers are happy and your organization maintains peace of mind. The system is up and running 24/7.

With Concur’s free travel app on your smartphone or tablet you can book flights, reserve hotels or schedule a taxi, manage itineraries and more. The tool allows you to book within your corporate travel policy from anywhere, at any time to keep you productive on the road so you won't miss a beat.

Our department of Concur support specialists:

  • Work closely with Concur teams during initial implementation
  • Administer your customized online travel site
  • Configure travel policy and approval process
  • Load preferred supplier contract rates
  • Group trainings and educational webinars
  • One on one technical support
  • Tailored online adoption programs
  • Handle upgrades and enhancements to system
  • Research faring issues
  • Handle all travel software interface with Concur regarding systems
  • Attend trainings and seminars via webinar and/or onsite in Concur’s headquarters in WA.
  • Attend Concur’s Fusion users conference each year

You will not find another travel management company that has more experience with Concur’s online travel solution. Hunter World Travel has dedicated time and energy over the past 15 years to produce a winning fulfillment program for our clients.