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Service - 24/7 traveler support

Dedicated travel agent support team - Our highly experienced travel agents provide personalized, attentive service that helps your clients breathe easier while on the road -- whenever and wherever they are traveling. We’re there for them when you can’t be.

VIP traveler program

  • Itinerary checks 24 hours before departure for changes
  • International travel advisories
  • Global monitoring of flight status and advisement on changes
  • Airline partner Executive Desk support
  • Sending itineraries to airlines to unblock premium seats
  • Working with hotels to obtain rooms when hotels are sold out
  • VIP After-Hours Emergency service 800 number
  • Periodic reviews with Hunter World Travel senior management
  • Agents phone the hotel before arrival to make sure all the requests are clear and correct
  • Extensive experience with International travel management

Travel policy management - One of the biggest problems facing a company today is the challange of controlling the travel expenses of a team of "road warriors". We assist in striking a delicate balance that will keep travelers happy while allowing the company to correctly manage costs.

Approval process automation and support - A partnership with Hunter World Travel will allow you to enforce your policies and contracted rates via our front line agents or automatically with our online booking tool.

Supplier negotiations - Our senior management team has expert level experience negotiating client discounts. We offer a comprehensive vendor program assessment to identify all the savings opportunity. Whether you need negotiation support or whether you are looking to offload the entire RFP management process, Hunter World Travel will add value and transparency to your program.

Hotel RFP

Here, you can quickly and easily assemble an RFP package that is compliant with the standards issued by the National Business Travel Association.

As a corporate travel buyer, you can source and map hotels in proximity to relevant travel destinations, deliver the RFP package, interactively negotiate rates and create final contracts – all driving savings to your bottom line.

Emergency after-hours service

Agent24 operates three full-service contact centers and includes a remote agent workforce to deliver unsurpassed service 24/7. They have rigorous hiring standards. And, we have the ability to rapidly mobilize additional agents as emergency conditions warrant. Combine our expert staff with our advanced communications technology, and you have an unbeatable emergency travel solution.

The Agent24 after-hours service can be accessed toll-free from over 70 countries. Just one call will handle essentially any travel concern that you clients may encounter.