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Corporate Reporting:

iBank is a cloud based data management platform that consolidates travel information in order to provide a clear, concise and comprehensive view of a corporation’s travel spend.

iBank Reporting delivers 95 standard reports and a virtually unlimited number of user defined reports upon demand or on a scheduled broadcast basis. With the iBank reporting system you can focus on Spend Analysis, Supplier Management, Policy/Risk Management, Activity Management, Spend Management, Reconciliation Analysis, Agency Productivity and Carbon Reporting.

Quality Control:

iQCX is a web-based reservation management platform designed to help manage reservations, issue tickets, deliver itineraries and produce travel program reporting and analysis.

Quality Control - ensures the reservation is complete and accurate by:

  • Validating reservation accuracy
  • Monitoring travel policy
  • Performing file finishing
  • Preparing for ticketing
  • Preparing for reporting

Ticketing -Our ticketing component:

  • Issues basic tickets as well as complex split tickets and exchanges
  • Immediately tickets all online reservations
  • Eliminates debit memos related to ticketing errors
  • Reduces after hours fees by conducting 24/7 reservations processing

Itinerary Delivery - the itinerary delivery component:

  • Creates branded itineraries
  • Delivers customized content that complements each reservation.
  • Sends itineraries in multiple formats i.e. plain text email, PDF and HTML.
  • Provides online access of itinerary history

Trip Improvement
The trip improvement component has three essential sub components.

  • Fare Checker - searches the GDS for better fare options
  • Seat Checker – works to acquire seats preferred by traveler
  • Waitlist Checker - queries availability of waitlisted segments

Dashboard and Benchmarking:

Travel GPA is all about helping you save money on travel spend.

With more than 90 benchmarking metrics available for analysis, Travel GPA identifies your organization’s key metrics that can be clearly tied to performance and graded good or bad. With the Travel GPA Report Card™, you can easily track how well your travelers are utilizing the contracts your company has for airlines, car rentals and hotels.

Travel GPA is easy to use – with a customized dashboard that works the way you want it to. Since it’s a web-based product, you won’t have to involve your IT team. With Travel GPA, you know immediately how your travel program rates...The higher your GPA, the better you’re doing. The lower the GPA, the more opportunity you have to save money. Travel GPA allows you to see how you compare with real-time benchmarking comparisons on hundreds of key performance indicators against the best practice levels seen in over 40,000 companies.

This is the first product to provide real-time travel policy and benchmarking analysis on your corporate travel spend.

Unused Ticket Management:

Our ticket tracker program saves companies money. Travel spend is lost through not knowing about or not utilizing unused tickets and the residual value.

It is critical that these valuable e-tickets are not simply tracked then posted in profiles for future use, but the value must be applied toward the next applicable new ticket.

If a traveler has one or more unused credits, the agent (or traveler, if using the online booking tool) will see an indicator when selecting a flight that clearly identifies that a ticket credit exists, and it must be used in order to stay within the company's travel policy.

As a backup, our quality control software will also identify, select and use any applicable e-ticket credit when possible. Corporate reporting will support the success of the program. Managing this value ensures you will recoup every dollar available when a cancellation or change needs to be made to an itinerary.